Composition 2

Here are some further compositional techniques you can use while shooting to give your images an added appeal to the viewer.

Repeating Shape

A shape or form repeated throughout the image, whether subtle or obvious, gives your viewer something to latch on to in your images. The repeated shape can either be multiple iterations of the same object, or can be entirely different objects which just happen to take the same shape.

Depth of Field

As we looked at in our post on aperture priority mode a narrow depth of field can be exploited to isolate a subject from its environment, or to emphasize texture and give a sense of delicacy. Below you can see a few examples of these two uses for narrow depth of field.

Color – Monochrome

You can exploit color in your images by trying to shoot photographs that have a color which unites multiple elements of the photograph. When the same color is repeated in the subject and background, or two different subjects, the image gains a sense of harmony.

Color Contrast

Conversely, you give your images a sense of vibrancy shooting subjects which really stand out in color from their background. You can pair contrasting colors (purple/green, blue/yellow, etc.) or you can pair vibrant colors with dull ones.

Suggested Activities:

1. Take two photographs each for these four composition tips. Consider depth of field to isolate subject and depth of field for texture as two different techniques, making a total of 10 images.

2. Choose one subject and photograph it five times, once for each composition technique (again considering depth of field to isolate subject and depth of field for texture as two different techniques)


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